About Exotek

Exotek LLC formed in 1996 in response to a request by a major automation equipment manufacturer to help them grow and manage their systems integration channel and because integrators were requesting management assistance. We recognized the link between the process knowledge and value-added services of the engineering systems integrator and the success of the automation vendors. The automation equipment vendors recognized the necessity of the integration industry to grow with increased industry standards and professionalism. Exotek was the first to provide industry-focused tools, processes and knowledge to help make this happen.

Exotek is an independent consultancy with no corporate ties to automation vendors. We’re dedicated to the best interest of our clients in a professional and confidential approach.

The founding partners of Exotek come from the engineering services and systems integration industry. They have many years of direct experience with:

• Company ownership and the value of strategic planning.
• Project management and necessity of proper process and tools.
• Indicators and assessment tools to identify challenges in company growth.
• Helping integrators understand the benefits of sales and marketing to deliver growth and profitability.
• Serving many companies across a broad range of industries—recognizing industry trends and success factors.

Exotek has been exclusively chosen by the Control Systems Integrator Association (CISA) and National Instruments to audit and monitor professional standards across the industry. This honor reinforces the industry leadership and value Exotek delivers.

We’re helping many firms like yours with “Building Better Integration Companies.” Learn more about Exotek and the products and services we provide.

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