Exotek MES/OT Peer Group

We are putting together an NEW Exotek peer group focused on the OT space with expected topics such as MES, network security, AI/ML, analytics, service and support. As one of the potential participants said:

I’m excited to connect with other Director / VP level people at other Systems Integrators that offer OT services like us. Some of my goals are to better understand:

  • What problems they are seeing from their clients
  • What issues they are having meeting standards, compliance, reliability around their networks, servers, virtualization stacks in relation to cyber security and digitization
  • How are they considering their Unique value and what are their clients looking for in a Systems Integrator to provide these services vs. an IT organization
  • Internally, how are they looking at their team members and what qualifications are they looking at to blend Automation skills and IT skills to build OT expertise

So, let us know who in your organization would benefit most from being part of this group. And, we can follow up with additional information, answer any questions, and explore if this group will best serve you and your company. Don’t miss this opportunity to join others in our community who are pioneering solutions for our manufacturing and industrial automation clients. We can all benefit from the power of our peer network … seeking others for their insights and advice on how to overcome this adversity or as a sounding board for our respective strategies.

By the way, if you (or someone in your organization) is more IT focused, ask us about our Exotek IT Peer Group.

August 30, 2023