Exotek PM Group Opportunity – Who Is Leading Your Project Success Practices?

We are starting the next cycle of our Engineering/Project Management peer groups consisting of people like your Engineering Manager, PMO manager, or even a senior project manager who is responsible for your project methodology and accountable for overall project success. These groups are now being led by Jeff Miller from our Exotek team who brings 25 years of experience as a PMO Leader of a large systems integrator, Interstates, where  he was instrumental in building out the systems, tools, templates, and methods for Interstates as we worked to become 8-times CSIA certified as well as being involved in the CSIA Best Practices Committee for over 20 years.

So, let us know who in your company would most benefit from being part of such a peer group. We can follow up with additional information, answer any questions, and explore if this would qualify to join this group of elite leaders in our community. Contact info@exotek.com.

January 3, 2024