Help Buyers Close Themselves

This article advocating how salespeople are simply guides on the buying journey. Rather than trying to force the sale, we recognize that the buyer is ultimately in control and our role is merely to help them reach a purchasing decision. They sum this up in the following points:

  1. Sales professionals often focus too much on closing the sale, leading to negative energy and a lack of success.
  2. Understanding that the buyer is in control and helping them close themselves is crucial for success in sales.
  3. Buyers are more educated and resistant to high-pressure sales tactics, so it’s important to focus on their needs and wants.
  4. Building trust and rapport with customers and following up after the sale are important for building relationships and future sales.
  5. You close the sale when you bridge value to your buyer’s desired outcomes rather than pitching features.

Good stuff for SIs who don’t like to ‘sell’. Consider yourself a guide on your customer’s buying decision.

July 5, 2023