Matrix Exceeds CSIA Audit Requirements

July 8, 2022 (Maumee, OH) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that Matrix Technologies has exceeded the Level 1 (large company) audit requirements established by the Control System Integrators Association.

“Congratulations to Matrix Technologies as they continue to demonstrate continuing improvement across their business practices as evidenced in the pass of their 8th CSIA Certification audit,” commented Brian Mullen, the Exotek Auditor. “They have demonstrated over the past 20+ years a strong commitment to the adoption of best practices for the SI industry and a culture of continuous improvement. As industry best practices have continued to advance, they continue to stay current and embrace them. They not only bring the benefits of best practices to their business but also ensure their relevance to the markets they serve. “

“The auditing process helps us to a deep dive into our procedures, policies, and processes that offer incremental value both internally to Matrix, and ultimately to our clients. Re-certifying helps ensure we are compliant with the latest guidance and have not regressed but rather continually improve,” commented David Blaida, CEO/President at Matrix. “We originally chose Exotek because of their consultative approach and in-depth reviews.  We’ve also stuck with Exotek over the years for their consistency and their ability to measure our overall progress from audit to audit.”

About Matrix Technologies

With over 300 employees, seven offices, and over 40 years of project execution experience, Matrix Technologies is the right partner for our clients’ most important investments. Matrix is a privately-held, platform independent engineering, automation and information system provider poised to take on our clients’ challenges.  Matrix has helped our partners execute some of their largest and most complex projects in their history, and Matrix stands ready to help others as well.

August 12, 2022