Omnicon Meets CSIA Audit Requirements

May 25, 2021 (COLOMBIA) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that Omnicon has met the audit requirements established by the Control Systems Integrator Association. This is the fifth time that Omnicon has demonstrated that their business practices meet this industry standard.

Don Roberts, the Exotek auditor commented, “I really enjoy working with Omnicon. They involve as many people as possible in the audit process, so they can reinforce the benefit of their internal systems and learn how to improve them at the same time. Their culture of continuous improvement is evident in the progress they make from one audit to the next. Omnicon is the poster child of the type of companies CSIA and Exotek have been able to help grow through the implementation of Best Practices. I look forward to our next visit.”

Eduardo Acosta, Omnicon owner commented, “We decided on Exotek to be our auditing firm because the firm experience in the CSIA Certification and the quality of its Auditors. We have relied on Exotek since our first Audit in 2009. There are a myriad of benefits from being audited and reaudited. The most relevant are:

  • Keeping up with the organizational evolution of the company.
  • Improvement tips in every aspect of the organization.
  • The benchmark with the top tier of integrators worldwide.
  • Self-evaluate and identify improvement opportunities in our processes.
  • Raising the bar and assess the evolution of our company every three years”

About the Client

Omnicon is committed to the success of our clients by delivering innovative solutions with a high level of quality and excellence. We are an engineering company that operates worldwide, with knowledge of operations, processes, and information technologies. That integrates together the technological and sustainable development of the industry.

About Exotek

Exotek LLC formed in 1997 in response to a request made by a major automation equipment manufacturer to help them grow and manage their systems integration channel and because integrators wanted management assistance. Our team recognized the link between the process knowledge, value-added services of the engineering systems integrator, and the success of the automation vendors. The automation equipment vendors also recognized the necessity of the integration industry to grow with increased industry standards and professionalism. Exotek was the first to provide industry-focused tools, processes, and knowledge to help make this happen.

About CSIA

The Control System Integrators Association is a global trade association dedicated to advancing the control system integration industry. CSIA has over 500 member companies in 35 countries. Since 1994, CSIA has helped member companies improve their business skills, provided a forum to share industry expertise, and promoted the benefits of hiring certified control system integrators.

About the Audit

The comprehensive audit of operational practices including business development, project execution, financial tracking, information technology, human resources, and general management is conducted by an independent third-party firm. Achieving a Certified Member distinction indicates that a company has met stringent standards, is financially healthy, and can complete projects in a professional and technically sound way. Ultimately, certification provides benefits by ensuring high quality, performance, and long-term project support.

May 25, 2021