PM Impact on Client Relationships

Here’s a really good article that discusses the PM’s responsibility and role in positively impacting client relationships:

“Too often project managers think that just because a project is managed well in principle, it automatically equates to a satisfied client and the opportunity to execute the next project for that client. Experienced project managers (PMs) have learned the hard way that despite delivering a technically perfect project, the client may still feel less than satisfied and occasionally even angry. PMs must constantly create a positive relationship with the client, continually positioning their organizations to get either the next opportunity or the “golden referral.” By employing a systematic approach to building trust and credibility, project managers create strong client relationships. Proactive, client-focused project management fosters higher levels of client satisfaction, leading to continued opportunities and revenues as well as new business.”

A little long, but worth a read. If you’re looking for more ideas on PM best practices, contact us at

January 18, 2024