Quarterly Business Planning 
for NI Alliance Partners

  • Engagement: One meeting per quarter; plus calls up to 12 hours per quarter

  • Commitment: One year minimum

  • Cost: Est. $4000-5000 USD (per quarter, plus travel expenses including travel time)

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Rock-solid and highly productive quarterly planning sessions help an SI leadership team to focus on key objectives and resolve issues quickly to improve the overall performance of the company. Exotek facilitates a review of last quarter’s priorities, a check of vision alignment, the resolution of current issues, and the establishment of next 90-day priorities. If you fail to do so, your Leadership Team get distracted, disconnected, and lose focus on what you established was your highest priorities.

"With Exotek guidance, Noffz overcame hurdles of a growing company by identifying gaps with a detailed best practices matrix/point system. We have increased our business with double digit growth each year and we doubled our head count since working with Exotek." - Markus Solbach, Managing Partner/Director Sales & Marketing at Noffz

Typical Agenda

Exotek facilitates these quarterly business planning models based on proven methodologies like the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) developed by Gino Wickman.

Part 1: Check-In and Expectations (30 minutes)

Exotek will begin by asking each member of your leadership team to share one personal and business best from the previous quarter. In addition, they give an update on what they feel is and isn’t working in your organization. They then share their expectations for the quarterly planning session. This check-in serves a segue from the previous quarter and maintains understanding each other’s perspective on the current state of the company.

Part 2: Previous Quarter Priorities (30 minutes)

Exotek will lead the Leadership team through a review of last quarter’s priorities and determine your completion percentage with a minimum standard of 80 percent of all priorities. We will give your team the opportunity to talk about what worked and what didn’t regarding priority setting and achieving for the quarter. Ultimately, your team has the opportunity to constantly improve by learning from the past, and then moving forward as smarter, better, faster planners of the future.

Part 3: Current Issues (1 hour)

Next, Exotek will ask your team to review your vision and plans for your organization - to confirm that everyone is still 100 percent aligned and focused on the plan to achieve it. With this clarity, we can then identify the top issues, problems, concerns, barriers, and obstacles as well new ideas and opportunities. The goal is to identify 20-30 items in every quarterly session.

Part 4: Next Quarter’s Priorities (2 hours)

Exotek then facilitates your team determination of the top (3-7) priorities for the coming quarter. Your team discusses, debates, and ultimately decides the top priorities for the company. Once the priorities are clear, each individual Leadership Team member sets what their top (3-7) most important individual priorities are for the next quarter. This will create the focus for your organization for the next 90 days.

Part 5: Tackling the Key Issues (2–4 hours)

Exotek will then assist the Leadership Team in problem-solving exercises for the most important issues. Starting with number 1 issue, we will identify clearly the real issue. Then Exotek will facilitate openly and honestly discuss of that issue. Ultimately, we will determine the best course for resolving the issue. Once we have a plan for the first issue, then go to the next and continue for as much as time allows.

Part 6: Benefits and Concerns (10 minutes)

By the end of each quarterly planning session, your team should feel 100 percent on the same page with a clear understand of the priorities and how to resolve all key issues. Exotek will conclude by asking each team member to share their overall feedback on the day, whether their expectations were met, and their rating of the day (on a scale of 1 to 10) with an expected average of 8. If that is not achieved, we will work with your team to understand and improve the process.

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