Reasons for Business Automation

In our Quality/OE peer group, we discuss reasons for business automation such as the twelve listed in this article. Some of these are fairly obvious. And, perhaps, not all of these resonate with the reasons that most SIs automate their business process, but I thought a few were particularly interesting:

  • Optimizing workforce allocation – with labor shortages, there should be an increased focus here. How can we make sure we are maximizing the efforts of our engineering team? What tasks can we optimize or eliminate that will increase their productivity? How can we take things off their plate, so they can focus on the tasks at hand? By the way, the same questions can be asked about how to optimize our sales efforts.
  • Leveraging remote workforce – With hybrid work likely here to stay, how can we create processes that don’t require folks to be in office? How can we support our remote workers to maximize our productivity?

If you are interested in discussing not only the ‘why’ but the ‘how’ to improve your business processes, let me know and we can explore whether you’d be a good fit for our Quality/OE peer group.

June 15, 2022