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Assessment and Certification

Exotek leads the industry in system integrator benchmarking, assessment, and certification. We can not only assess your business according to CSIA certification National Instruments partner program standards, but we also help you set goals and identify key areas of corporate development. Leading integrators acquire the benefits of understanding their business better and experience the value of CSIA and National Instruments recognition.

Development and Planning

The key to the success of any company lies in its ability to set goals, identify necessary resources, formulate a plan, and deliver on that plan. Exotek provides several engagements which help you set goals, develop plans, and deploy the necessary resources to be successful.

Operations Management

Operations management is about predictability, producing consistent outcomes with known resources. Operations management is not a craft or an art. It’s a science…a science that requires a disciplined process with proper tools and procedures.

Exotek can help you define and implement the right tools and processes to describe the “what, where, when, and how” of any project. Not only that, but we can successfully track the project to completion. We can be directly involved in the implementation process or we can coach your team through it. We also provide a quarterly review for consistency. Operations management “Round Tables” offer mentoring and the opportunity to learn new approaches and ideas.

Financial Management

Financial management is critical to a stable organization, successful project management, and your company’s long-term success. Choosing the right financial management tool, integrating it into your day-to-day processes, and linking financial data into project management and across your organization, is a challenging task. But, when done right, these efforts can yield significant benefits.

Exotek stays abreast of all relevant financial management software tools and knows how they apply to the integrator business model. We can help you choose the proper package, assist in installation, and support the integration of financial and operations project management systems. We have trained staff that can assist your team in the day-to-day challenges of managing a enterprise-wide financial information system.

Sales and Marketing

A successful sales and marketing organization is critical to the stability and success of every business. This often does not come naturally to control systems integrators. We are trained to engineer and build. The concept of promoting ourselves and focusing our business with a product market strategy is not something we have learned in engineering courses or from technical projects throughout our careers.

A focused sales and marketing strategy can be learned, however, through proper business planning, training, process, tools, and review. A properly deployed sales and marketing strategy helps focus your business on products and technologies that differentiate you in the market. Proper marketing programs communicate to your customer the process knowledge and value that your organization brings to a project. Exotek’s sales and marketing management programs start with understanding your business strategy so that you can have a more effective sales organization.