The 7 Rs of Project Change

In this article, the author proposes seven simple questions can help us assess change-related risk and gauge the effectiveness of our change-management process. The article is written for IT environments, but I think the questions are still applicable to our space:

  1. Who raised the change?
  2. What is the reason for the change?
  3. What return is required from the change?
  4. What are the risks involved in the change?
  5. What resources are required to deliver the change?
  6. Who is responsible for the “build, test, and implement” portion of the change?
  7. What is the relationship between this change and other changes?

I’d add another question is whether the customer will be charged for the change, but I couldn’t come up with an ‘R’ for that. Regardless, it is interesting to come up with a standard checklist that question whether proposed changes are really necessary.

November 9, 2021