The Self-Aware Leader

At Exotek, we are often hear that our system integration clients are intent on identifying, developing, and empowering leaders for their organization. This may be in response to the company’s growth objectives. Often, owners are contemplating a transition and recognizing the need to build leaders that can succeed them. And, it’s about developing more leadership and accountability throughout the organization.

In this short LeaderCast video, Fabian De Rozario, founder of GlobalConnect Consulting & Training, makes a compelling argument that a leader’s impact is correlated to their self-awareness and inclusive behaviors. “When an individual is self-aware, they are able to notice their blind spots, and by being more conscious of them, they can be more intentional and choiceful in working on their skills and capabilities and how they show up in front of others,” says Fabian. “If a leader builds a culture of feedback in an organization, they are able to then get everyone on board to practice inclusive behaviors every day. The ability to shine a light on one’s unconscious biases and make intentional choices so that we impact others in a desirable way, that is a key capability for a leader.”

Ultimately, a leaders true value to the organization becomes less about their own contribution and more about increasing the contribution of others. This requires ‘people chemistry’ skills. How to slot people into roles that match their skills? And, how to effectively communicate and receive feedback to further empower your organization. Check our Empowering Your Leaders section for more resources and information.

January 27, 2021