VI Engineering, Inc.

"Exotek has helped VIE on best practices, stabilizing our business model, improving our organization, and adopting performance metrics. Benefits included doubled profits, low turnover rate, strong balance sheet, no debt, and more than adequate reserves. We strengthened our customer relationships and elevate our strategic thinking to better serve our changing marketplace. Exotek has been a real asset to VIE.  

Exotek, aka Don Roberts, has helped VIE through the years in a number of ways. First of all, he engaged us with the CSIA audits and provided great guidance on Best Practices and helpful ideas on stabilizing our business model and organization. When I invited him to sit on our Board of Advisors, he got even closer to us and helped me personally and the company management in a variety of ways. These included us adopting some metrics for use in our Project approach and overall performance and our monthly reviews which he has consistently attended and helped with improvements in our use of review time. The results since he joined out BOA are significant: Financial results have doubled in profits while our revenue has increased by just a modest amount about 30%. Our turnover rate is very low. Our Balance Sheet is very strong with no debt and more than adequate reserves. Our repeat business is a real strength with revenues from our existing  base continuing for the past two years at about 80% of our business while we had to replace two senior sales reps with junior inexperienced salesmen. Don had ideas to secure the fine relationships we had earned in the past and we continue to see that value as we see growth ahead with our new sales engineers. He has also brought a level of strategic thinking to our Board as we position ourselves to serve the changes in our marketplace that we see coming. Don has been a real asset to VI Engineering."


-Bob Jacobs, Founder / Board Chairman at VI Engineering, Inc. 

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