What Makes a Great COO?

According to Cowen Partners, few people understand the significance of a chief operating officer. The COO is typically in charge of the daily operations of a company, but the duties can vary widely between businesses. Seen as the right hand of the CEO, the COO alleviate everyday management tasks from the CEO’s shoulders, so they dedicate to big-picture aspects of the business, like long-term strategy and efficiency solutions. The various roles played by a COO are so numerous and ever changing that it takes a true chameleon to fill the position. Here are attributes in an excellent COO:

  • Adaptable – The role of a COO is often changing and evolving as the business ebbs and flows, which is why a top COO needs to know how to adapt to various situations and strategies.
  • Detail-oriented – A COO needs to handle the day-to-day operations of a business, but they also need to understand how those small details impact the larger business strategy.
  • Team player – A great COO understands running a business is a team effort. A great COO will understand the value of credit and praise to other managers, supervisors, and teams within the company.
  • Data-driven – Every company needs at least one person in the c-suite to be a data-driven leader. By requesting data-backed evidence for a proposal, a great COO can redirect a company’s investments toward more worth-while projects.
  • Resilient – A COO role isn’t for the faint of heart. Business does not always go smoothly. When the company hits a bump in the road, you need a leader who can navigate the situation with professionalism and start looking for solutions to the problem.

The article was written for folks looking for a COO. The truth is there is no shortage of CEOs that have brilliant ideas, but it is often the presence of a great COO that makes those ideas take flight. If you are a COO, then consider joining one of our Business Management (e.g. COO) to have frank discussions with like-minded individuals who share common goals and challenges.

June 30, 2021