IT/OT Peer Group

In November, we will be starting the next annual cycle of our IT/OT Peer Group and we have room to add a couple more folks from companies who recognize the importance of:

  • Internal IT – to eliminate internal efficiencies driven by the appropriate use of IT and automation. We are not just interested in break/fix or MAC (Moves Adds and Changes) type work, but leveraging IT to drive organizational efficiency.
  • External IT – Digitalization, Digital Transformation, IIOT … regardless of what industry buzzword you use, IT is increasingly part of manufacturing automation solutions. And, there are a myriad of implications for the technical solutions that we deploy from remote diagnostics, to cyber-security, to data analytics.

Many of our clients are recognizing supporting your employees participation in peer groups as a tangible way to demonstrate your investment in your key employees. Let us know would be a good candidate for this group, and we can follow up with additional information, answer any questions, and explore if this group would be a good fit for your resource and your company.

October 11, 2023