How We Began

Exotek LLC formed in 1997 in response to a request made by a major automation equipment manufacturer to help them grow and manage their systems integration channel and because integrators wanted management assistance. Our team recognized the link between the process knowledge, value-added services of the engineering systems integrator, and the success of the automation vendors. The automation equipment vendors also recognized the necessity of the integration industry to grow with increased industry standards and professionalism. Exotek was the first to provide industry-focused tools, processes, and knowledge to help make this happen.

Exotek Team and Spouses

What We Bring

Our founding partners have their roots in the engineering services and systems integration industry. Because of this, we have decades of direct experience with:

  • Company ownership and the value of strategic planning
  • Project management and the necessity of proper processes and tools
  • Tools and methods to identifying and overcoming growth challenges
  • Helping integrators understand the benefits of sales and marketing to deliver growth and profitability
  • Serving many companies across a broad range of industries along with recognizing industry trends and success factors.

Our team here at Exotek brings knowledge from direct hands-on experience in engineering and control automation. Our consultants have owned integration firms, delivered large-scale projects, and managed successful companies. In other words, we understand your business and we understand your industry. More importantly, we can use all this knowledge to your advantage. Whether you need help getting back on track or planning for growth in the future, Exotek is here to help.

Who We Partner With

We were the first company chosen by the Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) and the only company chosen by National Instruments to audit and monitor professional standards across the industry. This honor reinforces the industry leadership and value that Exotek delivers.

Exotek, however, is an independent consultancy with no corporate ties to vendors or industry associations. We are dedicated to the best interest of our clients and we do this in a professional and confidential way.

Who Our Clients Are

We focus exclusively on systems integration for the control, test, and automation industry. Our clients are passionate about technical solutions to their clients’ challenges as well as growth-minded searching for methods to building their business effectively. We serve clients around the world who want to improve their business, so we can have a real impact on achieving their goals and dreams.