Our Services

Exotek offers a wide variety of engagements to help you build a better integration company. As depicted below, we can help you in these four key areas: strategic planning and execution, improving your business practices, empowering your leaders, and networking with your peers. Our offerings take different forms which we can further customize to meet your needs.

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Our management philosophy centers on a “whole business” approach — an understanding that all aspects of your business must contribute to your success. Oftentimes, our customers say that one or more areas of their company are limiting them from reaching their goals. Your goals may be stability or growth or perhaps something like creating predictable outcomes which concurrently result in less internal stress and increased profitability.

Exotek can help you deliver these goals. We’ll help you articulate your goals, define the required resources, and then implement the processes that build on your success. We are an “action-oriented” firm with experience and a willingness to directly help with implementation and day-to-day responsibility.

Your Strategic Plan and Execution

We facilitate your efforts to make the right choices about your company’s purpose, your customers, your goals, and your resources. It isn’t a single event, but rather an integral part of an on-going process that you review annually, then modify as needed, and use throughout the year to drive the organization forward.

Improving Your Business Practices

We can benchmark your current business practices and give you with objective feedback and advice about how you compare to industry standards, stack up with your competitors… where you are doing well and how can you improve. Then, we can recommend and help you implement and improve those practices.

Empowering Your People

Helping you to empower your people to execute your vision and manage your business. Leaders don’t just happen. It takes intentional development of your key people to manage their staff, their teams, the organization, and themselves.

More Services

In addition to our core services, Exotek offers engagements for business assessments/certifications, development/planning, operations management, financial management, and sales and marketing management.