Building an Unstoppable Sales Team

We often get asked about sales training, so we thought that we’d pass along this article which includes ’15 sales training essentials’ to become an unstoppable sales team.

1. How to Become an Effective Listener

2. Use Empathy and Train Yourself to Think Like a Problem-Solver.

3. Help New Sales Reps Learn the Ropes.

4. Mentoring—One of the Best Sales Management Training Techniques.

5. Crafting Scripts to Deal With the Most Common Objections.

6. How to Be More Effective In Sales Negotiations.

7. Identifying the Red Flags of Bad Customers

8. The Basics of Cold Emailing:

9. The Basics of Cold Calling:

10. Clearly Articulating Value to Prospects.

11. Dealing With Fear in Cold Sales

12. How, When, and the Frequency of Following Up.

13. Enhancing Virtual Selling Skills.

14. Consultative Selling.

15. Asking for the Close.

Sounds good, right? The article actually contains a fair amount of detail and additional links for each of these areas, so check it out if you find your sales training is lacking in any of these areas.

November 22, 2022