Business Empowerment Program

for NI Alliance Partners

Building Stronger Businesses

In addition to developing NI product and system proficiency, NI understands that Alliance Partners must become proficient at managing and growing successful system integration businesses. Exotek has created a Business Empowerment Program that help NI Alliance Partners gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage professional system integration companies expected by NI customers with larger opportunities. 

Company Profile
Engagement Model
Company Profile

Small (10-40 people, $2-10M USD)
  Entrepreneur led small company
  Need scalable business practices
  Create stability and repeatability

Business Acumen Workshop
This course covers the essential elements of a successful system integration business according to the Exotek BASIC diamond model. Based on proven best practices of other system integration companies, you will gain key insights as well as implementation approaches to equip your company for the future.

Business Coaching / NI Liaison
Exotek provides up to 4 hours of monthly coaching calls to support the system integrator to define and implement the right practices and processes. Exotek also has an Austin-based resource that can engage with NI Corporate resources on behalf of the Alliance Partner. The NI Liaison keeps the partner abreast of NI strategies and involved in related activities.

Large (50-250+ people, $15-50M+ USD)
  Validation of industry best practices
  Desire for further executive development
  Expansion into new businesses/markets

Medium (25-75 people, $5-25M USD)
  Improve accountability to drive business
  Enhance processes and structure
  Focus on growth and increasing capacity

Effective Growth Strategies Workshop
This course focuses on how NI, the test and measurement industry, and its customers are constantly evolving creating both disruption and opportunity for NI Alliance Partners. The NI ‘system evolution’ is creating an inflection point for both NI and its partners. System integrators are grappling with approaches to adapt and growth their businesses to embrace these changes, overcome challenges and thrive in the emerging marketplace.

Leadership Roundtable
Exotek leads the Leadership Roundtable for senior executives to have frank discussion on industry issues in a confidential and non-threatening environment. The group meets 4 times a year for a 1.5 day scheduled retreat. Exotek leads the group through discussion areas to help bring focus, new information, and external points of reference to the conversation.

Quarterly Business Planning
Rock-solid and highly productive quarterly planning sessions help an SI leadership team to focus on key objectives and resolve issues quickly to improve the overall performance of the company. Exotek facilitates a review of last quarter’s priorities, a check of vision alignment, the resolution of current issues, and the establishment of next 90-day priorities. By the end of the day-long session, the SI leadership team will be goal-aligned with clear priorities and accountability.

Business Assessments/Audits
Exotek leads the industry in system integrator bench marking, assessment, and certification. The 2-day review of your company’s processes and systems will help the integrator set goals and identify key areas of corporate development. Exotek produces a confidential report card and strategic assessment with critical information on the health of the complete organization including approaches for corrective actions.

Note: Partners can self-select any service and Exotek can customize these offerings to meet specific needs.

“NI is committed to our platform. Partners are an essential element of our ecosystem to help our customers create solutions.” – Alex Davern, CEO of National Instruments

Leveraging Our Industry Expertise and Opportunity

Exotek is a full service management consulting firm focused on the systems integration industry with an in-depth understanding of all the aspects of your business that contribute to your success. We strive to tailor our offerings in a way that best helps you meet the unique challenges you face in growing your business. To help Exotek better understand your business priorities and determine how Exotek can best assist you, please e-mail us so that we can schedule a time for further discussion.


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