CSIA Certified? Great, but What’s Next?

For those that are certified for the first time, you hopefully had a consultative auditor who provided you with lots of suggestions on how you can improve your practices. So, there are likely many things that you want to implement and improve before your next audit 3 years down the road. And, for folks that have been certified multiple times, there is always room for continuous improvement. At this point, there is little doubt (and not much excitement) about retaining certification. It’s more about living up to the highest practices and competing against yourself for maximum operational efficiency necessary to sustain long-term growth, delivery the highest quality to your clients, and improve shareholder wealth. And, even if you have decided not to maintain your CSIA certification, there is always an opportunity to learn by maintaining a growth mindset.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to improve you business practices. Exotek is hear to listen and help. For instance, ask us about our OE/Quality Peer Group. It’s a great way to benchmark yourself against other people committed to their organizational growth and success!

October 17, 2023