CSIA Partner of the Year 2024

The Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) selected Exotek for its prestigious ‘Partner of the Year’ award. Founded in 1994, CSIA is a not-for-profit, global trade association that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration. Control system integrators use their engineering, technical, and business skills to help manufacturers and others automate their industrial equipment and systems. CSIA helps members improve their business skills, provides a forum to share industry expertise, and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator. CSIA has over 500 member companies in 35 countries.

“On behalf of Exotek, I want to thank you for honoring our team again for our contributions to the CSIA community,” commented Jack Barber, Exotek Management Consultant. “That begins with Our Commitment. Since we became the founding auditing firm nearly for the last 25 years, we have performed over 400 audits in over 20 countries assisting our community with the adoption of CSIA Best Practices. And, Our Participation – we’ve invested countless hours participating in numerous CSIA committees including Best Practices, Certification Management, Benchmark/Statistics, Partners, and Digital Transformation. I also think about our efforts to foster Networking – by facilitating more than a dozen peer groups including CEO and COO, Sales/Mkt, Project, Engineering and Operations Management, Finance, HR, OE/Quality, OT, and IT. And, finally providing Our Expertise – evangelizing CSIA Best Practices via Workshops, webinars, and on-line forums as well as our own SI Industry Insights publication.”

 “CSIA’s mission is harmonic with Our Purpose to help you build better integration companies,” noted Don Roberts, Exotek Principal. “With respect to your process, our consultative audits can help you implement and improve your practices. With respect to your plan, we can help you create, execute, and evolve your business strategy. And with respect to your people, we can assist your professional development by empowering and connecting your leaders, teams, and peers.”

In conclusion, we want to recognize our growing Exotek team. If you are familiar with Exotek, you likely already know Don Roberts and Brian Mullen, as well as Jack Barber who joined our team six years ago. More recently, we are proud to welcome Jeff Miller who brings 25+ years of experience in Project Management savant from Interstates, a 7-Times Certified CSIA Member. And, last but not least, we recently welcomed Meg Godwin, our executive admin. And, we will continue to grow our team to meet our clients’ needs.

April 25, 2024