Exotek Peer Groups – Increase by 33%

Thanks to the tremendous response regarding our peer groups that are beginning a new cycle at the beginning of this year, we’ve increase our number of participants by 33%. These groups include:

  • Business Management (e.g. COO) – for your senior leader tasked with overseeing and harmonizing the business operations.
  • Business Development (Marketing/Sales) – for your VP of Sales, Business Development Manager, or even a senior salesperson who is interested in generating more demand and winning more opportunities.
  • Project Management – for your Engineering Manager, PMO manager, or even a senior project manager is responsible for your project methodology and accountable for overall project success.
  • Financial Management – for the leader of your finances accountable for the budget planning and financial insights to help make the best business decisions to manage and grow your organization.

If your looking for professional development opportunities for you and your leadership team, contact us and we can explore which of our peer groups would be the best fit.

January 17, 2023