Exotek Webinar – PM – The Heart of Your SI Organization – Follow Up

A special thanks to the 60+ individuals that attended our Project Management webinar, entitled “PM – The Heart of a System Integration Organization”. Attendees benefited from the wisdom of our newest addition to our Executive Consulting team, Jeff Miller. Jeff brings 25+ years of experience in Project Management savant from Interstates, an 8-Times Certified CSIA Member. 💡

In the webinar, we discussed that fundamental to the success of any system integration organization is sound project management. Engineering talent and hustle will only get us so far. Without it, we are likely to have some project successes, only to have one set us back. So, we must implement specific processes and disciplines to help ensure a project meets its stated objectives in terms of scope, performance, time, and cost. 📈

Are you bummed you missed the webinar?!? Click to view the recording or download the slides. 📹

If you would like to join one of our Exotek PM Peer Groups to continue the discussion with your colleagues, please contact Jeff Miller, who facilitates these groups. If you would like to explore how Exotek can best support your efforts to implement CSIA best practices, please contact Jack Barber. 🤝

May 16, 2024