Huffman Engineering, Inc. (HEI) has met the audit requirements established by the CSIA for the 7th time

Jan 24, 2024 (Lincoln, NE) – As the founding auditing firm performing the most CSIA audits around the world, Exotek can confirm that Huffman Engineering, Inc. (HEI) has met the audit requirements established by the Control System Integrators Association for the seventh time.

“After 7 audits, many of which I had the pleasure to do, you can really see the intensity with which Huffman attacks the implementation of the best practices,” commented Don Roberts, the Exotek Auditor. “In the latest audit, they had over 20 people participating in the audit and many of them were relatively new to the company. They have embraced the process as both a way to improve the company and to train their new employees.”

“As a 7-time CSIA certified company, we are extremely thankful to Exotek for their partnership,” Kimberly Shirk, Marketing Mgr., HEI “From the very beginnings of our relationship, we have valued Exotek, not only in verifying our compliance during the audit, but also as an advisor for our continuous improvement. Their professionalism, insight, and advice serve as guideposts for anyone in the system integration business.”

About Huffman Engineering
Named to the System Integrator Hall of Fame, Huffman Engineering, Inc. (HEI) is a full-service engineering firm specializing in system integration & automation serving the Midwest since 1987. System integration expertise extends to highly regulated industries requiring clients to meet stringent requirements. HEI designs & builds robust and reliable systems to meet expectations of the CDPHE, FDA, USDA & EPA. Their reputation is excellence, dependability & trust in industries including: pharmaceutical/life sciences, water/wastewater, food & beverage, electrical & gas utilities, manufacturing & material handling and networking/data analytics/cybersecurity.

February 2, 2024