Jack Barber Becomes Certified CSIA Auditor

Exotek is pleased to announce that Jack Barber, one of our independent consultants, is now a CSIA Certified Auditor. Jack expands our team of certified auditors who have collectively performed the vast majority of CSIA audits to date. We pride ourselves on the consultative nature of our audits and were recently honored as the CSIA Partner of the Year for our significant contributions for the betterment of the CSIA organization and our community.

“In our estimation, Jack already had more direct experience with CSIA audits than anyone who is not already a certified auditor,” asserted Don Roberts, Exotek Principal. “In addition to assessing NI (National Instruments) system integration partners during his long tenure there, Jack observed over a dozen CSIA audits as part of NI’s adoption of the CSIA criterion for its top partners. And, since joining Exotek over 3 years ago, Jack has worked with Exotek clients to help them prepare for and pass a CSIA audit. The addition of Jack as an additional resource is welcomed as we and our clients shift from a three-year cycle of audits to more continuous improvement engagements.”

“We welcome Jack Barber to the select group of CSIA auditors. His previous work managing the system integrator program of an important automation equipment supplier combined with his more recent consultant role provides him with a rich background,” commented Jose Rivera, CSIA CEO. “Along with the CSIA Best Practices (BP) and Benchmarking manual, the CSIA Certification provides great value to system integrators who continuously drive to make their companies best-in-class. It also benefits automation equipment suppliers and industrial clients at it helps reduce risks associated with the delivery of their key projects.”

May 4, 2022