Kamati Ltda Meets CSIA Audit Requirement for Second Time

NOVEMBER 18, 2021 (Yumbo, Columbia) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that Kamati, Ltda has passed the audit requirements established by the Control Systems Integrator Association for the second time.

“Kamati looks to the CSIA Best Practices and Certification as the best way to prepare them to be globally competitive,” commented Don Roberts, the Exotek Auditor. “They tackle certification with a goal of doing their work like the best companies in the world do. Combining their ISO systems with CSIA Best practice they have a discipline to make that happen.”

“We want to perform like the best companies in the world,” said Helmer Muñoz Valderrama, Gerente of Kamati. “While meeting ISO and Safety requirements are important, we are learning a lot from CSIA about the management of our system integration projects. By validating our capabilities against industry standards, we demonstrate our ability to deliver quality solutions in other countries.”

“For us an audit is a continuous learning process, and Exotek has been part of it, bringing experience to improve our system,” commented Roger Cardona Alacaon, the VP of Kamati. “Thank you for all the time, you both take to help others getting better every day.”

About Kamati

Kamati are experts in industrial automation and machine safety. Kamati is a company dedicated to automation projects, electrical installations, commercialization of products and provision of engineering services in the industrial sector, to increase the competitiveness and productivity of their clients.

December 10, 2021