Leadership Roundtable

  • Meetings: One meeting per quarter

  • Commitment: One year

  • Location: Rotates among member companies

  • Cost: Typically $1K-2K USD per quarter (one-year in advance, electronic payment)

  • Roundtable size: 8-10 member companies

To register or find out more information, click here or email us directly at info@exotek.com


Exotek offers Leadership Roundtables as a forum for senior executives to experience peer-to-peer contacts and frank discussions on industry issues in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. This open and honest communication between professionals is extremely valuable by creating the opportunity to share experiences and insights with other leaders. The Exotek facilitator also brings a wealth of information and a fresh perspective from across the industry.


  1. Address key leadership issues facing companies next growth hurdles.

  2. Focus is external and internal issues.

  3. Explore issue resolution and improvement suggestions to implement in your business.

  4. Gain critical feedback from your peers and hold each other accountable.

  5. Use platform to facilitate personal and professional growth.



  1. Four “in person” meetings per year (e.g. Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

  2. Meeting duration of ~1.5 days each.

  3. Limited participation (target of 7-8 member companies with a maximum of 10).

  4. 1 guest participant from member company at any meeting (subject to pre-approval).

  5. Exotek is facilitator and meeting organizer.

  6. Exotek prepares and/or coordinates agenda and materials for each meeting. 

  7. Participants take notes as required.


Agenda (Typical)  

  1. Agenda set prior to each meeting – based on key items from previous meetings.

  2. Specific agenda of meeting subject to group consensus.  

  3. Arrive night before meeting – on your own.

  4. Day 1: (approx. 8:30 am -5:00 pm) Meet at hosting company, working lunch (provided by host), continue over dinner meeting (dinner arranged/covered by host), adjourn.

  5. Day 2: (approx. 8 am - 12 pm) Meeting at host company, adjourn - individual participants may leave according to travel requirements.

  6. Day 1 and Day 2 timing may be reversed if required to meet other scheduling constraints.



  1. Your time.

  2. Annual fee: $4K-8K USD per year per company per roundtable paid to Exotek - non-refundable. No discount for missed meetings. A second full time participant from the same company will be an additional $500-1,000 USD.

  3. Travel costs are participant’s responsibility (includes transportation, lodging, and some meals).

  4. Rotate host meeting locations around member companies. This may change to a standard meeting location in future that is more readily accessible by all group members, subject to group consensus and any potential cost adjustments.

  5. Hosting costs responsibility of hosting company - includes meeting facilities, lunch, dinner, etc. (approx. once every couple of years on average).    


Participant Criteria   

The following are guidelines only for potential new group members and may be adjusted on an individual basis subject to group member consensus.


  1. Must be an engineering services company

  2. Must have target revenues > $5M USD across all locations.

  3. Must be growth oriented.

  4. Must have certain business areas of strength, unique or relevant.


  1. Must be a visionary, integrator, or accountable for one of the major business function (sales/marketing, finance/administration, operations) according to the Traction model.

  2. Must not part of another integrator peer group.


  1. Must be accepted by current members - no direct conflicts or competition issues.

  2. Must sign mutual confidentiality agreement.


Participant Guidelines & Protocol   

  1. Participants expected to fully participate and share information.

  2. Participants must attend most meetings. We may request withdrawal if two missed meetings.

  3. No engagement activity should be considered collusion (real or perceived).

  4. We will replace members lost through attrition, as necessary and available.

  5. Any new member companies must be unanimously approved by existing members.

  6. Substituted participants must be unanimously approved by existing members.

  7. Member(s) can request another member withdraw from roundtable if unanimous consent.


Topics (Typical)

  1. Benchmark participants’ financials and other operational performance KPI's.

  2. Current state of the industry and economic conditions.

  3. Review of current state of business for each member.

  4. Strategy/Business Plan Assessment/Reviews.

  5. Hosting group member to present their business strategy overview.

  6. Leveraging vendor relationships

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