NOFFZ Meets CSIA Requirements for 4th Time

OCT 12, 2022 (Tönisvorst, Germany) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that NOFFZ Technologies GmbH has met the audit requirements established by the Control System Integrators Association for the fourth time.

“Noffz Technologies GmbH just completed their audit for recertification and did exceptionally well. They did the audit with very little preparation showing how well their continuous improvement systems are in place,” commented, Don Roberts, the Exotek Auditor. “During the period between audits they also took on major initiatives like succession transition, bookings growth significantly over 100%, and started construction of a new, much larger, facility. Hats off to the young leadership team there.”

Markus Solbach, NOFFZ Managing Director, said “Exotek has great auditors, who understand the real system integration business, so they can share good information, feedback, ideas, and suggestions. We can then discuss and implement improvements contributing to our overall company performance and business results. By repeatedly benchmarking our business, we gain confidence level that NOFFZ is not only moving in the right direction but staying on track to meet our company goals and KPIs.

“Additionally, Exotek’s expert feedback has led to newly implemented processes and departments. For example, we established a global service & support team centralized from NOFFZ headquarters, triggered by our last audit. Today, it contributes more than 7% of Global NOFFZ Revenue.”


NOFFZ Technologies has been developing and producing industry-leading test systems and solutions for the entire product development process for more than 30 years. With our development, the UTP – Universal Tester Platform, we design test devices and test simulations – individually tailored to your needs and the respective industrial sector. Our focus is on the automotive and telecommunications sectors. In addition, customers from industrial and consumer electronics, mechanical engineering and manufacturers of medical and wellness products rely on our unique test solutions. From validation to end-of-line testing, we can cover the entire test spectrum in the product lifecycle.

About Exotek

Exotek LLC formed in 1997 in response to a request made by a major automation equipment manufacturer to help them grow and manage their systems integration channel and because integrators wanted management assistance. Our team recognized the link between the process knowledge, value-added services of the engineering systems integrator, and the success of the automation vendors. The automation equipment vendors also recognized the necessity of the integration industry to grow with increased industry standards and professionalism. Exotek was the first to provide industry-focused tools, processes, and knowledge to help make this happen.

About CSIA

The Control System Integrators Association is a global trade association dedicated to advancing the control systems integration industry. CSIA has over 500 member companies in 35 countries. Since 1994, CSIA has helped member companies improve their business skills, provided a forum to share industry expertise, and promoted the benefits of hiring certified control systems integrators.

About the Audit

The comprehensive audit of operational practices including business development, project execution, financial tracking, information technology, human resources, and general management is conducted by an independent third-party firm. Achieving a Certified Member distinction indicates that a company has met stringent standards, is financially healthy, and can complete projects in a professional and technically sound way. Ultimately, certification provides benefits by ensuring high quality, performance, and long-term project support.

November 4, 2022