Not Just Quality, Operational Excellence

Last week, we had a great kick-off to our new Quality Peer Group. It was really encouraging to hear from business professionals from our SI community that view Quality, not simply a matter of compliance, but rather a competitive advantage for their organizations. Actually, we could call this the Operational Excellence peer group. Given two companies with the same strategy, the operationally more excellent company will in general have better operational results, creating value for customers, employees, and owners. One of the participants used the term ‘organizational excellence’ to emphasize the importance of Quality to their respective company. Given how often we hear from members of our community that Quality is a core value or integral part of the culture, you would think that folks would be clamoring to join this group.

The good news it is that this group is still forming, so let us know who in your organization would most benefit from sharing ideas and strategies as part of this group.

June 16, 2021