Polytron Meets CSIA Requirements for FOURTH Time!

April 13, 2022 (Duluth, GA) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that Polytron, Inc. has met the audit requirements established by the Control Systems Integrator Association for the fourth time.

“I like the Polytron approach to the audit…they don’t see it as something they need to pass but an opportunity to learn and improve their company,” commented Don Roberts, the Exotek Auditor. “They even invite several new employees to actively participate as part of their professional development and team building. It will be great to see them again at their six-month continuous improvement check up.”

“Polytron has a long-standing relationship with Exotek starting with our first certification audit in 2013, said Ron Rich, President of Polytron, “We continue to choose Exotek because of the great experience that we have had with them over the years, and more importantly, because they add value to our organization with each audit.”

Ron continued, “In preparation for each audit, we focus on our processes and the involvement of a broad team.  We strive to be a continuously learning organization, and we gain valuable knowledge in the audit that helps us to refine and improve our processes for our current and future business. Re-certification gives us a repeatable framework for benchmarking our business processes against the best practices for our industry.”

About Polytron

Applying almost 40 years of manufacturing engineering expertise, Polytron delivers full systems and solutions to meet holistic needs across the plant floor – from raw materials through production to the warehouse. Whether preparing to make capital investments for expansion or getting more from current assets, manufacturers confront hurdles and barriers to reach business objectives. The right capital investments will ensure the health and growth of your company. Deciding which systems to install, designing flexible solutions to meet long-term needs, and adopting the right technologies are critical factors that require experience, expertise, and a collaborative approach to successfully deploy.

April 22, 2022