Best Practices Deployment – Financial Management (Slides)

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So, you joined CSIA with the intent of getting your company to the next level? Maybe, you just joined and are looking at how to start deploying the CSIA BPs in your company. Or, you’ve been a member for a while, have deployed a few BP chapters but need a few more to be ready for an audit. We get it. Looking through the CSIA Best Practices and Benchmark guide can be overwhelming. Where do you start? What’s the most effective way to attack it? During this session, we focus on General Management – key insights to improve your business, not just prepare for an audit.

In this session, we will be focusing specifically on the best practices for Financial Management including financial performance measurements, financial planning, billing procedures, financial controls, financial reporting, and taxation. We can share where we see people common struggle as well some of the better implementations that we’ve seen.

-Steve Conquergood, Getting Focused in Your Business Strategy

December 16, 2021