Exotek Industry Insights
(Q2-2022 General Edition)

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Subject: Business Strategy

We have rebranded our State of the Industry report as our Industry Insights report to emphasize that the report is not merely a collection of industry data, but also includes our perspective on their impact on our systems integration community.
For your convenience, Exotek has gathered information from our industry. We include leading industry indicators including the CEO Confidence Index, Purchasing Managers Index, and CSIA EZStats. We also include the latest financial releases from the major vendors in our industry including Rockwell, Siemens,
NI, and others.
For our valued client and subscribers, we provide our additional insights in lieu of this simple overview. If you would like access to Our Insights section, please contact us at info@exotek.com. Further, if you would like Exotek to give a presentation during your next strategic planning event about how the state of the industry is impacting and creating opportunities for systems integrators, give us a call to schedule an engagement.

Amid historic inflation, choked supply chains, rising interest rates and an unending battle for talent, CEOs are increasingly worried about the year ahead.

-CEO Confidence Index Report, May 2022

June 17, 2022