Exotek Industry Insights (Q4-2023)

Exotek Industry Insights 2023 Q4 - General Edition (photo)

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Subject: Business Strategy

Welcome to our Industry Insights general report which is a collection of industry data your convenience. We include leading industry indicators including the CEO Confidence Index, Purchasing Managers Index, and CSIA EZStats. We also include the latest financial releases from the major vendors in our industry including Rockwell, Siemens, NI, and others.

For our valued clients and subscribers, we provide an additional 6 pages of our own insights based on the information referenced here and our interactions with our clients and the SI community. If you would like access to ‘Inside Edition’, please contact us at info@exotek.com.

We believe that pent up demand for automation projects resulting from supply issues has ‘smoothed’ the economic conditions creating a steady flow of automation projects. A weaker top of the funnel last quarter has turned around and opportunities are picking back up. Supply issues have slowed projects but essentially ‘smoothed’ the economic conditions. With improvements on the supply side, we should see backlogs getting back under control.

-Don Roberts, Exotek Industry Insights Q4-2023

November 28, 2023