Service Opportunities after the Project – NI Web Recording


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File Type: Webinar

Subject: Post-Project Opportunities

Whew, the project is done! Let’s get on to the next one. If that is your typical reaction, you may be missing out on the additional service opportunities. According to the ARC published a report in February of 2017 entitled “Success in the New Generation of Automation Services”, the eventual service revenue may actually exceed that of the project itself. During this webinar, we will discuss the latest industry trends and how to capitalize on them.

The reality is that you can’t ignore that these changes are happening. Instead, we encourage you to validate those trends with your own customers and discuss the implications with your team, and get creative about finding ways that these changes can create opportunities for your organization.

-Jack Barber and Don Roberts, Services – Opportunities after the Project

February 4, 2020