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The presentation was inspired by the book called Talent Strategy and Risk which points to a big shift in public ownership that has created a new set of challenges for boards from permanent institutional investors who are focused on creating and preserving long-term corporate value. These investors are stating in no uncertain terms that simply managing for short-term shareholder profit is not acceptable.

Now, given this book was written with public companies in mind, you might read it an wonder how it applies to our SI community, which is mostly made up of private companies. So, our presentation today isn’t intended to be a book report, but we’ll use this framework to take a look at how this perspective affects systems integrators. How can you effectively link your talent to your strategy, while minimizing risk?

If talent is the first pillar of creating long-term value and strength, then strategy is the second. They are ‘twinned’ and reciprocal. That is, talent sets strategy and strategy relies on talent for implementation.

Talent Strategy and Risk

November 12, 2021