SOFFA Electric Meets CSIA Requirements for First Time

Oct 24, 2024 (Commerce, CA) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that SOFFA Electric has met the audit requirements established by the Control System Integrators Association for the first time.

“Congratulations to Soffa Electric for successfully implementing CSIA recommended practices and achieving CSIA Certification status,” commented Brian Mullen, the Exotek Auditor.  “Along their path to success, their team attended our CSIA Best Practices Workshop and collaborated with Exotek through an extensive pre-audit process. It was great to see their dedication, effort, and focus pay off.”

“Soffa Electric selected Exotek to guide us through our CSIA certification process based on a recommendation from another system integrator in our area and industry,” explained Seth Dinan, President of SOFFA Electric. “We felt that a recommendation from another of Exotek’s clients was a good way to go. And, we would now recommend them as well.”


SOFFA Electric is an engineering company specializing in control systems integration and fabrication designed to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs for municipalities and industrial companies. Founded in Los Angeles in 1972, the expert team at SOFFA has over four decades of experience combining thoughtful engineering practices with direct access to a comprehensive suite of unique industrial solutions. Initially, we offered relay control systems to both the public and private sectors, but as technology progressed over the years, we transitioned from the relay panel to programmable logic controllers to offer more value to our industrial and municipal clientele.

December 8, 2023