The EOSYS Group Inc. Meets CSIA Audit Requirements

March 7, 2024 (Smyrna, TN) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that The EOSYS® Group, Inc. (EOSYS) has met the audit requirements established by the Control System Integrators Association for the seventh time.

“It’s always a pleasure to perform the CSIA Certification audit of a company like EOSYS,” commented Brian Mullen, the Exotek Auditor. “Upon successfully completing their 7th CSIA Certification audit, we continue to see EOSYS as a great example of a company that saw the benefits of implementing CSIA Best Practices early on and has continually leveraged them to facilitate sustainable growth in all areas of their business through 5 revisions of CSIA Best Practices over the past 20 years. We offer a well-deserved note of congratulations to the EOSYS Team!”

“Exotek provides a great auditing experience,” explained Kim Rainey, EOSYS Director of Internal Operations. “Each auditing cycle, they are able to pin-point areas that needed our focus, improving our internal processes and the business outcomes for our customers.  We appreciated Brian Mullen’s ability to communicate the value of following the CSIA’s Best Practices and Benchmarks and, pulling from his other auditing experiences, to jump-start our process improvements.”


Founded in 1991, EOSYS began as a provider of turnkey system integration services for manufacturing facilities in the southeast. Now more than 30 years later, they have expanded their service offerings, added locations, and transformed into a 100% employee-owned company. In December 2021, they rebranded from PREMIER System Integrators, Inc. to EOSYS to better represent their ownership structure, recent growth, and path forward as a market leader in automation and information solutions.

April 19, 2024