Topics Request for BP Deployment : General Management CSIA Web Event

We are excited about hosting our next CSIA web event in our series about our Insights into BP Deployment: General Management on Sep 8, 2021 from 10:00 to 11:00 (CT). For those of you who joined CSIA and want to get start deploying the CSIA BPs as well as those who have been a member for a while, but not ready for an audit (or re-audit), we’ll share our experience from auditing literally hundreds of companies around the world.
In this session, we will be focusing specifically on the best practices for General Management including Strategic Planning/Execution and Business Risk Management. We can share where we see people common struggle as well some of the better implementations that we’ve seen.
Think of it as your chance to ask us for help before getting audited. We expect that these web events will be interactive, so please submit your questions in advance or come prepared to ask them during the session. If not, it may be a short session!

September 1, 2021