What Makes a Great Leader?

In this Harvard Business Review video on What Makes a Great Leader, they say a key factor is emotional intelligence, the ability to monitor your own and others feelings. It is twice as important as skills or IQ at all levels. And, it is a key trait in 90% of the most successful leaders. This isn’t just fluff. Emotionally intelligent leaders outperform those that aren’t in bottom line results. Key components of emotional intelligence are:

  • Self-awareness – realistic assessment of yourself and your effect on others
  • Self-regulation – the ability to control your emotions and thinking before acting
  • Motivation – know how to motivate themselves and others.
  • Empathy – can read between the lines and understanding others perspectives to improve team dynamics
  • Social skill – not just friendly, but persuasive communicators who can collaborate and build consensus


Leaders who see themselves clearly also see their companies clearly. They better judge capabilities in themselves and others. They create an atmosphere of fairness and trust. And, therefore able to build and manage teams. You may recognize that you have strength in some, but not all of these areas. The good news is the emotional intelligence can be developed. Check out our Empowering Your Leaders section of our website for more information and resources.

February 24, 2021