Working on Your SI Business Survey

At Exotek, we often use the phrase ‘working on your business not just in it’ to emphasize to our clients to prioritize working to improve their business practices and not get completely consumed with day-to-day activities. This seems particularly hard for systems integrators who view client satisfaction as job #1. If our customer always comes first, then their projects and deadlines always trump our efforts to improve our business?

Given the importance of this role, Exotek is conducting a short survey to gain insights about working ‘on’ your business. It will only take a couple minutes for you to complete.  We will use your responses for research purposes only and report results in aggregate. We will make the collective results available, but individual responses will be kept confidential.

As a thank you, we will be drawing 5 participants names to receive a book of your choice from our recommendations based on your needs and goals.

(If you want to be notified of the results)

We appreciate your interest and willingness to participate in this survey and want to thank you in advance for your time! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please feel free to contact us.