Beyond Project Management 101

In one of our Exotek Project Management peer groups, I was reminded of this business brief, entitled Beyond Project Management 101, that I co-authored with a business colleague Steve Conquergood, Founder of Advanced Measurements. When managing projects for success, he quipped,

“A day at the start of a project is worth just as much as a day at the end – So start projects aggressively and track schedule honestly. If we do not, our team will have to work multiple times harder at the end. And, it does not have to be that way.”

In our PM peer groups, we also agree that engineers left to their own devices will continue to refine the solution until it needs to be shipped without adequate checks and balances. If you are interested in sharing your experiences and learning from other like-minded engineering/project managers, let us know and we can explore which of our peer groups is the best fit for you.

March 23, 2022