Employee Retention Amid the Great Recession

Given the growing concerns in our community about the Great Resignation, we thought that we’d pass along this article on the 15 Policies And Practices That Drive High Tech Team Turnover, a Forbes counsel has a number of hints about ways to improve employee retention. Here are a couple that we really liked:

  1. Not Showing How Tech Staff Can Grow – The top reason for high turnover among tech talent is the lack of tech leadership and clarity of vision around technology-led business transformation and upskilling/reskilling plans for tech talent. A closed-door culture and the practice of pushing teams to work long hours without showing them a growth path, the opportunity to transition to new roles and investment in their learning plan is not going to work. – Gaurav Aggarwal, Avanade Inc.
  1. Not Leading In A Way That’s Consistent With Stated Values – People take a role because they like the company, but they leave because they eventually don’t trust their managers. Companies have gotten really good at publishing feel-good company values statements. Unfortunately, the words that we speak and write don’t matter. Employees trust management when their words align with their actions. How we act defines who we are as leaders. – Kathy Keating, TextUs
  1. Locking The Tech Team Into A Single Focus Or Project – Tech folks love to solve problems, learn new skills and be part of a team where they are recognized and provided with opportunities to have different experiences. If you keep tech teams working on one application or project for more than one to three years, provide no opportunities for learning, and have them do monotonous tasks, they’ll likely decide it’s time to jump off your bandwagon. – Buyan Thyagarajan, Eigen X

Which of these practices do you feel are the most important?

September 22, 2021