Exotek Peer Group – Opportunity for Your Strategic Finance Professional

At Exotek, we value clients who recognize that “Strategic Finance” is a crucial component to managing and growing their services organization. Our strategic plans are only as good as our financial means to achieve them. For us, Finance isn’t just bookkeeping, but rather how we create a strategic advantage over our competitors.

In the current climate, the financial assets of our systems integration business are more critical than ever. We all have tremendous opportunities in front of us. How can we best invest in resources to meet our objectives? Does everyone at our organization understand how they can influence project and corporate financials? Do we have innovative tools to track our finances and deliver results? What about our long-term financial planning based on industry trends? And, perhaps most importantly, how are we impacting our customers’ financials, so we can sell and maximize our value?

In February, we will begin the next cycle of our Strategic Finance Peer Group. Now more than ever, we can all benefit from the power of our peer network … seeking others for their insights and advice on best practices, how to overcome adversity, or as a sounding board for our respective strategies.

Contact info@exotek.com to let us know who in your organization would benefit most from being part of this group. And, we can schedule a short conference call to answer any questions.

January 24, 2024