Is Project Management Being Devalued?

We enjoyed this article talking about assigning PM (project manager) responsibilities an SME (subject matter expert). Project management requires a specific skillset, ability to quickly assess and understand the corporate landscape and appreciation of how a project fits into the bigger picture.  PMs are trained to expertly balance the science of budgeting, scheduling, resource planning and estimating with the art of confidently managing risks, issues, dependencies, stakeholders and fluctuations in any aspect of the project.

We like the story describing the problems that can ensue. In particular, what can happen when the SME is focused on project tasks and fails to manage the project properly (e.g. proper planning, communications, ….). We also like the conclusion that we must help us raise the profile of project management in our organizations so people appreciate what it means, the value it delivers and just how difficult it is to get right.

If your SI organization recognizes the value of good project management, let us know who is your organization is responsible for your project methodology/management and we can explore which one of our PM Peer Groups would be the best fit.

February 2, 2022