Stone Technologies Meets CSIA Audit Requirements for 7th Time

DECEMBER 21, 2021 (Chesterfield, MO) – As the founding auditing firm that has performed the most
CSIA audits around the world, we can confirm that Stone Technologies, Inc. has met the audit
requirements established by the Control Systems Integrator Association for the seventh time.
“Congratulations to Stone Technologies as they continue their commitment to the effective
implementation of CSIA Best Practices as demonstrated with the renewal of their CSIA Certification with
the passing of their 7th CSIA Certification audit,” commented Brian Mullen, the Exotek Auditor. “Stone
has been one of the early adopters of effectively bringing best practices to a widely distributed
workforce in their work from anywhere organization.”
Brian added, “They have demonstrated over the past 19+ years a strong commitment to the adoption of
best practices for the SI industry and a culture of continuous improvement. As industry best practices
have continued to advance, they continue to show their ability to stay current and embrace them. They
not only bring the benefits of best practices to their business but also ensure their relevance to the
markets they serve.”
Eric Schaefer, President of Stone Technologies remarked, “We value the CSIA Best Practices and
Benchmarks as a guidebook to the best path to success for all that we do as a business. We have based
our continuous improvement program and many of our growth programs on them. The audit is a critical
component of that plan as it sets a cadence to our outside review and insight that we are getting better
and our improvements are being adopted within the company.”
Eric continued, “The market and our business continues to evolve and continuing our re-certifications is
vital to us as a test and validation of improving our business so that we can ensure that we will be a
thriving business most importantly for our people but also for our current and future customers.”
In conclusion, Eric commented, “Exotek and specifically Brian Mullen, has conducted our audits over the
+20 years and that helps in a couple of ways; Brian has already looked behind the curtain, knows many
of our people, our processes, and our culture so he can pinpoint our weaknesses and not only audit our
processes but have deep conversations about our business needs.”

February 4, 2022