Let’s Meet at the CSIA Conference

Exotek is excited to be attending the CSIA 2023 Executive Conference. We are not only looking forward to networking with our SI community, but also sharing our knowledge as facilitators of the Best Practices Workshop. It’s not too late to join us for either or both!

If you are going to the CSIA conference, we’d appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business and explore how Exotek can best support you. At Exotek, we focus on 3 primary ways of helping our clients:

  • Strategic Planning and Execution – We assist your efforts to make the right choices about your company’s purpose, your customers, your goals, and your resources. It isn’t a single event, but rather an integral part of on-going process that you review annually, then modify as needed, and use throughout the year to drive the organization forward.
  • Improving Your Business Practices – We can benchmark your current business practices and give you with objective feedback and advice about how you compare to industry standards, stack up with your competitors … where you are doing well and how can you improve. Then, we can recommend and help you implement and improve those practices.
  • Developing Your Leaders – Helping you to empower your people to execute your vision and manage your business. Leaders don’t just happen. It takes intentional development of your key people to manage their staff, their teams, the organization, and themselves. Exotek also facilitates role-based groups to match you with peers that face similar goals and challenges, so you can discuss real strategies and solutions.

If you are interested in meeting, let me know your availability and I’ll get something on our calendars.

May 3, 2023