NEW Strategic HR Peer Group

To help those in our SI community who aspire to HR as a strategic advantage, Exotek has formed and is facilitating our HR Peer Group. Strategic HR” is a crucial component to managing and growing a services organization. Our strategic plans are only as good as our people that we empower to execute it. For us, HR isn’t just a set of administrative policies, but rather we create a strategic advantage that differentiates our organization from our competitors.


In the current climate, the People component of our systems integration business has become more critical than ever. We all have tremendous opportunities in front of us. The question is how can we get enough of the ‘right’ resources to meet our objectives. With upwards of a 1/3 of our workforce open to (if not pursuing) opportunities beyond their current workplace, we have to increase our investment in our people … and that’s not just dollars. We recognize that our people are contemplating how they can get they can increase their value and be rewarded for it.

Now more than ever, we can all benefit from the power of our peer network … seeking others for their insights and advice on how to overcome this adversity or as a sounding board for our respective strategies. So, let us know who in your organization would benefit most from being part of this group.

June 1, 2022