System Integration by the Numbers 2020 Q1

Getting Focused in Your Business Strategy

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At Exotek, we have been working with the CSIA Statistics Committee to review some longer-term metrics. Thanks to your contribution of data to Pulse, we have a pretty good set of data from which we can begin our analysis. In this article, we offer some of our initial insights. And together, with the committee, we intend to create a more extensive report of the findings. Further, with the help of Clayton & McKervey, we are tying our findings to some of the industrial indicators to which they have access.

In our System Integration Industry, the growth of total revenue went up 115% over the last five years. And, we were a bit surprised that the growth in non-labor revenue went up 176% or 22.5% CAGR indicating that we have been growing our non-labor revenue faster than selling services..

-Don Roberts, CSIA Statistics Committee Member

August 10, 2020