Winning Back Your Time

This article gives some good advice on delegating responsibilities. 


If you operate your business with the assumption that you are the most proficient at every task and the only one who can get things done the way you want them done, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal—and an opportunity to win back your time.

So, they offer these steps to learning how to delegate:

  1. Justify (your need to delegate) – Your time is valuable. Think of each hour of your day as a $100 bill. You wouldn’t pay $100 for a sandwich that’s only $10 on the menu. You shouldn’t spend your precious time on tasks when it’s more cost-effective to delegate to someone else who has been trained to handle that task with proficiency.
  2. Clarify (what needs to be delegated) – They recommend using the ‘Freedom Compass’ to identify tasks in the Drudgery Zone, Distraction, Disinterest Zone, and Desire Zone. Work on delegating things in the first 3 zones to great time for the last one.
  3. Identify (who to delegate to) – Everyone on your team is there for a reason. You believe in them enough to be a part of your company. Now believe in them enough to free up some of your time.

As they conclude, your job isn’t to do everything. It’s to ensure that everything important gets done. Don’t lose sight of that fact, and don’t lose sight of the Double Win you can achieve by making your valuable time a priority. Delegation is the key.

November 1, 2023