Assessment and Certification Programs

Exotek leads the industry in system integrator bench marking, assessment, and certification. The Exotek certification programs not only qualify you for CSIA and National Instruments integrator programs, but they also help you set goals and identify key areas of corporate development. Leading integrators acquire the benefits of understanding their business better and experience the value of CSIA and National Instruments memberships.

CSIA Certification Audit

We’re proud to be chosen by the Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA) to conduct the audits that will help establish important professional standards across your industry. CSIA members know better than most the benefits of rigorous standards — in technology, in quality, and in business practices. As experienced CSI professionals and consultants to the CSI industry, Exotek joins many of our fellow CSIA colleagues in supporting this initiative to promote excellence and maximize client confidence in our field.

The CSIA Certification Audit involves a 2 day strategic review of your company’s processes and systems. After the audit, Exotek produces an independent and confidential report card that only you will see. This report card and strategic assessment provide you with critical information on the health of your complete organization. If corrective actions are needed, the report outlines how to accomplish these. Only when you have passed the audit and are ready to join the program is CSIA notified of any audit activity. 

There are many benefits to the CSIA Certification Audit and these are just a few. Call or email us to book your audit.

Systems Integrator Executive Assessment


Integration businesses are unique in structure, and by nature difficult to manage. Each one is an expression of its owners and the industry it serves. The executives of system integration companies often have very few resources they can draw upon to review current company situations and strategic directions. That's where we come in.

Exotek provides you with a structured consultation that examines all aspects of your business. Through a 1 day session, Exotek spends time reviewing and discussing the issues that key managers face and then our team formulates pro-active solutions to these problems. The outcome of the assessment is a well-articulated report that identifies short and long term activities that have the greatest potential to leave a positive impact on your company. 

Take the time to learn more about your business – contact us now to book your Systems Integrator Executive Assessment.

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